Aalborg Rock & Metal is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization that aims to create awareness and promote both the alternative rock & metal scene and social and cultural life in Aalborg and the Nordjylland region. Our goals are achieved by organizing music-themed events—all made possible by our dedicated volunteers and various sponsors.

To achieve our aim, ARM, in cooperation with different venues around Aalborg, organizes monthly events including METAL CAFES, CONCERTS (upcoming and established bands) or THEMED SPECIAL EVENTS. We aspire to promote rock and metal culture to all, regardless of origin and age, and offer events for established rock and metal fans, but also for families and those unfamiliar with this sub-culture. Another purpose is to have a solid, broad member-base and to make AR&M a great place to volunteer for all types of people.


Rasmus A. Nielsen

President of the AR&M Board.
+45 6130 6521

Kasper Molin

Vice-President of the AR&M Board.

Mark Vilstrup Pedersen

Administrative tasks / Secretary for the AR&M Board.

+45 2851 9498

Kent Max Hansen

Treasurer for the AR&M Board.

+45 2555 1924

Anette Konggaard Schou

Alternate for the AR&M Board.

Jürgen Timpel

Board member.

Kian Jakobsen

Alternate board member.